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Founded in 1997 in Konya, our company provides services in wholesale ready-to-wear clothing. Our company has been coming to these days with the year of its establishment with QUALITY PRODUCTS and QUALITY SERVICE. Product Categories Topcoat Cap - Jacket Cardigan Abaya Suit Dress Vest Tunic Shirt Blouse Skirt Shalwar
TASAN CLOTHING started in 1995 with a small clothing workshop in Istanbul The company made the steps slowly but emphatically in the women's textile market. TASAN BLUZ, the appreciation of the Turkish Young Woman, was presented to the women of the world and received great acceptance. At Tasan modest dress, quality fabrics, the attention given to detail in the hands of master designers and with care in sewing turns fabric into art.
SecilStore, which has adopted the principle of quality and reliable service, has offered its online sales store to your interest and appreciation in order to catch the fast and easy shopping trend which is required by modern time and to establish closer relations with your esteemed customers. As SecilStore, our primary goal is to get to know you better and determine your shopping needs in this direction. In this direction, our esteemed members of SecilStore will have the privilege of becoming a member of a much larger family and reaching a wide range of products with new brands and images increasing day by day.
Women, men, children, ready-to-wear products design, manufacture and export are our duty. we work with our team, open to innovation. We manufacture and supply oversize, clothing, oversize woman clothing, oversize dress, oversize jacket, oversize jeans, oversize t-shirt, oversize tricot, oversize vest, oversize tunic.. ready desposable medical supplyes like masks, gloves, full suit, grown, full protection for covid-19 with CE approval, surgical masks, 3 ply mask, we are turkish companies that manufacture Face Mask Anti-Virus Facial Mask and other components for the COVID19. medical mask, face masks, ffp2 mask, ffp2 masks
Kildan Kozmetik offers you the soap, which is indispensable for cleaning and health, using production techniques based on quality and hygiene. All of our products designed specially for all skin types with the natural essences address to everybody who takes care of their skin health and beauty. In Kildan, Soaps are produced specially for all skin types, using all organic and fresh ham materials as a result of careful R&D work and do not contain any additives which may be harmful to human and environment. Thanks to the dynamic essences our soaps contain, you skin is refreshed and your soul relaxes with aromatic fragrances and all fatigue of the day is eliminated from the body and your energy is refilled. You will find other products prepared for a pleasant bath such as gift soap sets, hotel soaps and amenities, loin clothes, bath gloves, embroidered bath bowls and clay pots in our catalog as well as these special soaps necessary for healthy skin.